Extension and Training

About the Extension and Training Division

The Division of Extension & Training (PET) of NIN carries out multifarious activities including Action research and Translational research. Usage of appropriate health and nutrition communication models and paradigms and qualitative research methods form the crux of the research here. Division's other activities include Massive community-based extension programmes involving interpersonal communication methods and participation in science exhibitions; effective usage of social media; development and deployment of interactive ICT tools, publication of informative books & periodicals on nutritional themes in different languages and conducting adhoc training programmes. Media & Public Relations activities for optimum dissemination of nutrition information among masses and maintenance of large museum for the benefit of visitors are some other priority areas of the division. "Every Day is an Open Day" mantra of the division helps in drawing hordes of people belonging to student community, civil society, voluntary organisations and media houses to the institute. Conducted tours, free diet counseling & lecture sessions are also organised on regular basis at the PET Division.

The other research activities span health, nutrition and food safety communication with special emphasis on social, behavioral and cultural aspects of communicative processes. The group’s research and practice integrates translational communication science with community-based approaches to promote health and nutrition. With a specialization in integrating qualitative social science methods in nutrition research the group has been part of many inter-disciplinary scientific projects of the Institute. The group aims to constantly harness the power of Institute’s concerted research efforts and translate them through multi-media based communication platforms for nutrition promotion by facilitating two-way exchange between scientists of the institute and policy makers, media, other stakeholders and public at large. The team presently acts as an interface between the Institute and public, media as well as other stakeholder groups and manages digital media presence (website, social media) of NIN alongside media and public relations.

The Division also conducts the following regular training programmes:

  • M.Sc (Applied Nutrition)
  • MSc (Sports Nutrition); MSc (Sports Physiology) and MSc (Sports Biochemistry) (starting in 2018)
  • Post Graduate Certificate Course in Nutrition