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Brief Profile

Joined NIN on permanent post of Research officer in 1995 after completion of my Ph.D in Biochemistry from Dr. B.R.AmbedkarMarathwada University, Aurangabad (1985), Biochemist at Kalawati Saran Children Hospital, Leady Harding medical collage GOI New Delhi and Assistant Technical Advisor under M/O HRD, Department WCD GOI. Due to my expertise in Fluoride research, I am part of the ICMR Task Force Group and presently dealing the ICMR Task force project“prevalence of fluorosis in the community of selected districts of India and development of an appropriate intervention model for prevention and control of fluorosis”.Member of expert committee and Trainer on national programme of prevalence and control of fluorosis, M/O Health and Family Welfare GOI. Elected as the President of International Society for fluoride research. The most significant findings with crucial public health significance have been 1) ameliorative effect of tamarind. 2) ameliorative effect oftamarind fruit extract supplementation on glucose intolerance and insulin resistance induced by fluoride.Member of Indian delegation to attend the 11th session of Codex Committee on contaminants in Foods at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In addition to fluoride research I involved in studies on Neurolathyrism and developed kid as animal model for Neurolathyrism studies. Have been successfully attracted research grants from UNICEF, FSSAI and ICMR. Recognised guide in Biochemistry and nutrition for Ph.D students under Osmania University.

Total number of publications in international and national peer reviewed journals till date : 38
  1. Arjun L Khandare ,VakdeviValidandi , Naveen Boiroju. Fluoride alters serum elemental (Calcium, Magnesium, Copper and Zinc) homeostasis along with erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase activity in fluorosis endemic villages and restores on supply of safe drinking water in school going children of Nalgonda district, India. Biological Trace Element Research.
  2. Arjun L Khandare, VakdeviValidandi,MunikumarManne, G Bhanuprakash Reddy,Uday Kumar Putcha,Shankar RaoGourineni,BalakrishnaNagalla .  Tamarind fruit extract ameliorates fluoride toxicity by up regulating carbonic anhydrase ii: mechanistic study.Fluoride 51(2)137–152 , April-June 2018.
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Awards and Honours
  1. Awarded CSIR fellowship for Ph.D.

  2. Elected as the president of International society for fluoride research.
  3. Received grants from ICMR to attend the International conference fluorosis at Sorrento, Italy and  Chiang Mai. Thailand. Chaired the session at Chiang Mai.Conferance.

  4. Organizing secretory of international conference on Fluorosis organized at NIN in 2016.

  5. Awarded the young scientist senior award in experimental nutrition at 48th National Conference of NSI held at St. John’s Research Institute Bangalore for the paper presented on Tamarind ameliorates the fluoride induced glucose intolerance & insulin resistance in rat I am the corresponding author.
  6. My Ph.D student ( Priyanka Shankar) thesis entitled “Effect of high fluoride and low calcium on bone metabolism in rats” received an award of the young scientist Junior award in experimentsl nutrition at 44th national Conference of the NSI held at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. MsPrinka also received Ramanathan Prize in the 44th national conference of  NSI held at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupatifor the paper “Amelioration of adverse effects of fluoride toxicity on calcium homioststis in low calcium treated rats.