Dr. Ramalingam B

Clinical Microbiology

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Brief Profile

Had received PhD degree in Bio-Medical Sciences, from TN Dr. MGR medical University, chennai and obtained post-doctoral training at Institute Pasteur de Lille, France and Columbia University, Manhattan, New York, USA. Employed earlier as Assistant Investigator in Feinstein Institute of Medical Research, New York, USA. His major research interests have been in the field of Molecular Immunology, particularly Innate Immune function across autoimmune and infectious diseases. Studied extensively on the key role played by the renal macrophages/dendritic cells towards activation of renal endothelium in the pathogenesis of lupus nephritis, identified them as an unique marker for disease onset, progression and relapse of Lupus nephritis among varied murine models and human kidneys. His current research focus is to study the molecular analysis of monocyte subsets within patients infected with mycobacterium tuberculosis and to decipher the role of vitamin D and micronutrients as a modulator of immune response in Tuberculosis

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Chapters in books
  1. Rajasekaran S, Anuradha R, Manokaran G and Bethunaickan R. An overview of Lymphatic Filariasis Lymphedema. Huma lymphatic Filariasis: Current Understanding. Edited by  Rajasekaran S, MBBS, PhD.
  2. Bethunaickan R, SahuR and Davidson A. Analysis of renal mononuclear phagocytes in murine models of SLE. Autoimmunity: Methods and protocols. Springer Protocols: Methods in Molecular Biology 900: Humana Press; 2nd   edition 2012, Edited by Andras Perl, MD, Ph.D.  
Awards and Honors

2014  - “DBT-Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship” from DBT, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

2010  - Senior key personnel, NIH- R01 DK085241-01

2006  - New York SLE Foundation basic research Fellowship Grant Award from July 2006- June 2009 For ‘Mechanism of remission in Lupus Nephritis’.

2003  - CEFIPRA/IFCPAR Post-Doctoral Fellowship for two years in France.

2000  -  EGIDE Fellowship for International studies in France during Ph.D.

1999  - CSIR Senior Research Fellowship from Government of India.

1996  - Junior Research Fellowship / National Eligibility Test (JRF-NET) by CSIR, Government of India

1994 - Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund Prize for Science and Technology.

1994 - Prof. (Tmt.) Susheela Clements Endowment Prize GOLD MEDAL in recognition of Performance in B.Sc., Zoology for obtaining the FIRST RANK in Bharathidasan University.