MSc, Diploma In Biostatistics, Scientist ‘G’ and HOD, 
Department of Biostatistics

Contact:  +91-40-27197292

Brief Profile

K. Venkaiah, Scientist ‘G’ has been working as Biostatistician for last 26 years. He has completed post-graduation from University of Pune, Pune and Diploma in Biostatistics from Institute for Research in Medical statistics (ICMR), New Delhi.
He worked as Asst. Research Officer in ICMR sponsored project for two years in Govt. Medical College, Jabalpur, One year in Institute for Research In Medical Statistics as Research Officer and one year as Research Officer again in Govt. Medical College, Jabalpur.  He joined the National Institute of Occupational Health, Ahmedabad,  Gujarat as Research Officer-Biostatistics in 1988 and served till 1999.
He shifted to National Institute of Nutrition in the year 2000 and is currently Scientist ‘E and Head of Biostatistics Division.  His areas of research interest are Application Biostatistics (Logistic regression, multivariate analysis, ANOVA, and Dose Effect Analysis) in different disciplines such as Occupational health diseases; large Community Surreys on nutritional & Dietary assessment; Toxicology, experimental studies on animals and  Teaching Biostatistics. He has rich experience in preparation of project proposals and budget required for carrying the projects.
So far, He assisted and carried out statistical analyses to nearly 300 post graduate medical students (MD/MDS/PhD/DNB) for their thesis work.  He is also involved in teaching Research Methodology and Biostatistics to the Post Graduate Medical & Science students in various Universities and Research Institutes. 
He has to his credit over 30 publications in national international journals, several technical reports, papers in proceedings of conferences and popular articles.

In 2007, he was nominated as Central Committee member for Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Ministry of Environment & Forestry for a period four years.  He is also member of Institutional Animal Ethical Committee (IAEC) for several reputed Pharmaceutical Laboratories.

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