Drug Safety

The centre is established by ICMR in 1976 to conduct pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics for indigenisation of dosages in nourished and under-nourished Indian population for various formulations. The major achievements include : i) Generated evidence based information on pharmacokinetics / pharmacodynamic activities of drugs for the first time in under-nourished Indian population, ii) Evaluated preventive and therapeutic potential of species and condiments (turmeric, curcumin, ginger) for anti-mutagenic, carcinogenic, genotoxic, inflammatory and anti-oxidant, iii) Identified the gaps between precepts and practices on drug usage through studies on rational use of drugs, socio drug epidemiology etc., and developed intervention tools to promote rational use of drugs, iv) Only Centre in India generated the data on heavy metal toxicity specially Lead in various targeted population in India, v) The non clinical safety investigations of recombinants, DNA based vaccines and GMO’s supported in developing the regulatory guidelines in India apart from facilitating to translate the product for human use, vi) Taskforce Programs like Iron filing in Tea has provided the scientific evidence to Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for policy decisions.

We have State-of-the-Art Facility to carry out regulatory / non regulatory studies in compliance to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for those innovative products, GMO’s & LMO’s for which there are no defined guidelines. The Division has facility for rapid screening for traditional, herbal and other innovative products through in-silico, in-vitro, ex-in-vivo, in-vivo models (anti-inflammatory, atherosclerotic, diabetic, osteoporotic, obesity and immune modulatory activities). The Centre has capacity to carry out pharmacogenomics studies and nutravigillance reporting.


  1. Dr. B. Dinesh Kumar, Scientist ‘G’ & HOD
  2. Dr. Shobi Veleri, Scientist ‘E’
  3. Dr. B. Santosh Kumar, Scientist ‘C’
  4. Mrs. B.R. Annapurna, STO
  5. Mr. N. S. K Reddy, TO