The work in the Clinical Division focuses on important areas of public health nutrition including maternal and child nutrition, anemia in the vulnerable groups, developmental origins of health and disease, vitamin D nutrition as well as body composition and osteoporosis. Additionally, some of the recent work also examines upstream determinants of nutrition including agriculture and food environment along with impact assessment of small scale agricultural interventions for improving nutritional status of women and children.

One of the noteworthy ongoing studies include an ICMR task force study which is a large cluster randomized trial to evaluate impact of ‘screen and treat’ approach for anemia reduction in villages around Hyderabad which is expected to provide valuable information for the anemia control program in the country. Another significant achievement is a partnership with 18 institutes on an interdisciplinary research project titled ‘Action against Stunting Hub’ (funded by the UK Research Innovation) which aims to transform the current research landscape on child stunting. This multi-country project to be undertaken in India, Indonesia and Senegal would examine the relationship between the biological, social, environmental and behavioural drivers of stunting in order to develop effective interventions. Currently, 4 research scholars are pursuing their PhD on different public health nutrition projects in the division.


Technical Officers

  • Mr.P.Ajeya Kumar, Technical Officer
  • Mr.M. Seshacharyulu, Technical Officer - B
  • Ms S.A. Brinda, Technical Officer - B
  • Ms. K.Usha Rani, Technical Officer - A