• Vision: All Indians live healthy and combat diseases through good food and nutrition.
  • Goal: Improving the nutritional well being of the Indian population through good food and nutrition.
  • Objectives
    • To develop nutritional database on cooked foods.
    • To evolve formulations for the development of recipes for various disease conditions and vulnerable population groups.
    • To develop functional foods to combat various disease conditions and establish the nutritional guidelines.
    • To establish facility for evaluation of individual and composite foods for glycemic index and glycemic load.
    • To scale up metabolic kitchen facility to meet the demands of human metabolic studies/metabolomics.
    • To address the nutritional concerns/demands of public through diet counselling of individuals/groups.

Research Activities of Dietetics Division

Developed a Navaratan multigrain flour with whole grains, millets and defatted soya which has high content of protein and fiber, and tested for available carbohydrate, glycemic index and provided to diabetic subjects and found to be effective in the management of diabetes.

  • Estimated dietary sources of carotenoids and xanthophylls, retention factors after processing and storage and to understand the mechanism of uptake, absorption and metabolism by invitro bioaccessibility and in vivo bioavailability.
  • Areas of research related to development of functional foods for metabolic syndromes Impact of prebiotics (legume raffinose) on metabolic syndrome, production of Alpha galactosidase from plant, microbial and cell lines as a potential approach for enzyme replacement therapy for Fabry disease and Development of database on macromolecules of foods, food products and beverages database will be developed and the data will be useful in food labeling and for nutritionist and health practitioners for recommendation of therapeutic diet.
  • Diet counseling: Local people in and around the twin cities are given regular diet counseling for Nutrition awareness and advocacy.


  1. Dr.K.Damayanti, Scientist E
  2. Dr.S.Devindra, Secientist D
  3. Mrs.P.S.Prasanthi, Tech. Officer A