Nutrition Information, Communication & Health Education (NICHE)

About the Nutrition Information, Communication & Health Education (NICHE) Division

The Research activities of the Division span health, nutrition and food safety communication with special emphasis on social, behavioral and cultural aspects of communicative processes. The group’s research and practice aims to integrate communication science and effective community-based approaches to promote health and nutrition. With a specialization in integrating qualitative social science methods in nutrition research the Division is part of many inter-disciplinary scientific projects of the Institute. The group aims to constantly harness the power of Institute’s concerted research efforts and translate them through multi-media based communication platforms for nutrition promotion by facilitating two-way exchange between scientists of the institute and policy makers, media, other stakeholders and public at large. The team acts as an interface between the Institute and public, media as well as other stakeholder groups and manages digital media presence (website, social media) of NIN alongside managing media & public relations as well as informatics and Information, Communication Technologies (ICTs).