MBBS, MD (Community Medicine)
Scientist-E (Medical)  
Clinical Epidemiology Division

Email:  drsamarareddy@gmail.com
Contact:  +91-40-27197297

Brief Profile

Currently working at Clinical epidemiology division. He Has completed MBBS and MD in community Medicine from Dr. NTR university of Health Sciences. After his MD in community medicine, he worked as Young Investigator at Christian Medical College, Vellore during which he was involved in coordinating the “Rotavirus virus vaccine impact assessment and Intussusception surveillance in India” an ICMR Task force project which was carried out at 35 sentinel hospitals spread across ten states of India. As a part of this project he has identified, established, and carried out the acute gastroenteritis and intussusception surveillance at the sentinel hospitals. He was also involved in updating of the demographic surveillance area, which originated in work being done previously in the 43 urban and rural areas of Vellore following 150,000 populations residing in 34,000 families on a regular basis. He is also familiar with advanced data analysis techniques using different statistical analysis tools.

His research Interests are to build a platform to facilitate clinical, epidemiological, Socio-behavioural, and interventional health research related to nutrition. He is also interested in evaluations of nutrition related public health intervention and generating evidence for informed health decisions through secondary data analysis.

Publications: 21
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