Dr. Rajiv Bahl,

Secretary to Government of India
Department of Health Research & Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research

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Dr. Hemalatha R

Director, ICMR-NIN



Elimination of all forms of malnutrition for a progressive healthy India


  • To generate high quality evidence for tackling important public health nutrition problems among the population groups
  • Conduct operational research for planning and implementation of national nutrition programs in the country
  • Studying food and environmental safety challenges to ensure such challenges are met to provide safe food to the consumer through R&D, capacity building and training, and provision of scientific advice to various government authorities involved in food production, processing and control
  • To provide the best estimates of the nutrient profile database of various foods consumed by the population. To create database for the biodiversity of food resources in the country consumed by the different marginalized indigenous populations of the country
  • Establishment of Dietary Reference Intake Values, Recommended Dietary Allowances, and Dietary Guidelines for Indians
  • Conducting innovative basic science research of high translational value on nutrient metabolism, interactions, requirements, and responses
  • Studying the risk factors of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through multidisciplinary clinical and community-based research
  • Developing human resources, capacity building and training in nutrition
  • Disseminating evidence-based nutrition knowledge to the community
  • Extending technical advice and support to food regulatory and standard making bodies in the country

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We are a 101 year old only premier nutrition research institute in India…

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Fat Study Report-1

Assessment of Fat/Saturated Fat Consumption Levels Among Rural & Urban Population in India: NNMB Surveys


Fat Study Report-2

Assessment of Visible Fat Consumption Among Urban Population in 7 Metro Citites in India: NNMB Urban Nutrition Survey


Sugar Study Report-1

Consumption Levels of Sugar Among Rural and Urban Population in India: National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau Surveys


Sugar Study Report-2

Assessment of Consumption of Added Sugar Among Urban Population in Metro Citites in India: NNMB Urban Nutrition Survey



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