Directors of NIN


Elimination of all forms of malnutrition for a progressive healthy India


  • Periodic Assessment of Nutrient intakes, Health and Nutrition status of the population for optimal health, and assist the Government and regulatory bodies in policy making
  • Establishment of Dietary Reference Intake values, Recommended Dietary allowances, Dietary guidelines for Indian population; and assessment of Nutrient Composition of Foods
  • Identify various nutrition deficiency disorders prevalent among different segments of the population
  • Conduct operational research for planning and implementation of National Nutrition Programmes in the country
  • Conduct surveys and study the risk factors of NCDs through multidisciplinary research
  • Conduct innovative basic science research on nutrient metabolism, interactions, requirements and responses
  • Identify and study food and environmental safety challenges for providing scientific input for policy and regulation.
  • Development of human resource in nutrition and also provide evidence-based nutrition knowledge to the community
From the desk of Director General, ICMR

Prof. Balram Bhargava

Secretary, Department of Health Research,
Govt of India & DG, ICMR

From the desk of Director, ICMR-NIN

Dr. R. Hemalatha

Director, ICMR-NIN


About NIN - What We Do?

We are a 101 year old only premier nutrition research institute in India…

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NIN at a Glance

The Director

Dr. R. Hemalatha, MBBS., MD., leading India’s nutrition research Institute from the forefront…

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Our Research

Multi-pronged approach to nutrition science through multi-disciplinary research divisions…

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Training & Academic Courses at NIN

Developing human resource in cutting-edge areas of nutrition science through regular and adhoc programmes

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Current Opportunities at ICMR-NIN , Hyderabad

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Nutrition Information, Communication and Education

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Fat Study Report-1

Assessment of Fat/Saturated Fat Consumption Levels Among Rural & Urban Population in India: NNMB Surveys


Fat Study Report-2

Assessment of Visible Fat Consumption Among Urban Population in 7 Metro Citites in India: NNMB Urban Nutrition Survey


Sugar Study Report-1

Consumption Levels of Sugar Among Rural and Urban Population in India: National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau Surveys


Sugar Study Report-2

Assessment of Consumption of Added Sugar Among Urban Population in Metro Citites in India: NNMB Urban Nutrition Survey



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