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Pathology and Microbiology

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Brief Profile

Dr M.V.Surekha completed MBBS from V.S.S Medical College, Sambalpur University (Odisha) in the year 1996. She completed MD in Pathology from the same Medical College and University in the year 2002. She then joined Global Hospitals, Lakdi-ka-pul, Hyderabad as a Consultant in Hematology and Histopathology in the year 2003 and worked till 2008. She joined Pathology Division of NIN in the year 2008. Her areas of specialization are (1) Maternal and newborn anaemia and placenta research (2) Cancer (3) Toxicology. As a Scientist in Pathology Division of NIN and as a Pathologist by profession, she is involved in routine activities of the division and also collaborating with other researchers from both within the institute as well as from outside in their research projects ( which include histopathology , hematology and immunohistochemistry). She is a co-investigator in many Pre-clinical toxicology projects of both the institute as well as outside institutes and companies. She is also involved in collaboration with and reporting Extra-institutional short term research projects of research scholars and students from other Universities, Medical and Dental colleges and is also involved in reporting of surgical biopsies of patients received from neighboring hospitals, nursing homes and histopathology labs. She is a member of the Nutrition Society of India (NSI), Indian Medical Association (IMA), Andhra Pradesh Medical Council and Orissa Medical Council.

Total publications : 18
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