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Public Health Nutrition Division

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Brief Profile

Dr. Ajantha Rudhra joined NIN in January 2023 and is currently associated with the department of Public Health Nutrition. She holds a PhD Statistics from Osmania University, Hyderabad in 2019. She is having around 10 Years of extensive experience in the areas of data analytics. She has over 15 years of teaching experience in various Educational Institutions. She actively participated in several studies such as Vijayawada Thermal Power Station’s quality work life and job satisfaction survey, Time series analysis of dairy milk sales, Chemical Analysis of Key Srilankan Foods, and use of Neural Networks to predict the causes of heart disease. In 2023 she was appointed to the Society for Development of Statistics as a card member. She was appointed to serve on several educational institutions' boards of study. She served as a resource for numerous national and international workshops and conferences. She is proficient in Time series analysis, Complete and Incomplete block design models, Parameter estimation, Bayesian estimation, Neural Network Algorithms, Rotatable designs. Her research focus centres on a diverse array of areas within Statistics. Her area of research is Design of experiments in statistics. These encompass the Parameter estimation in Generalized Linear Models (GLMs), Estimation of missing observations in various complete block designs, Regression models, Bayesian estimation of parameters, Mante Carlo Markov Chain Algorithms, Bayesian estimation using WINBUGs software.

Total publications : 08
  1. Ajantha R (2023): “A Bayesian approach for estimation of parameters and missing values in Factorial experimental designs”, Far East Journal of Theoretical Statistics, Volume 67(2), pp 199-209, P-ISSN: 0972-0863.
  2. Ajantha R and Bhatra Charyulu N.Ch. (2022): "Bayesian approach for the Estimation of Missing responses in Randomized block design", Thailand Statistician, Vol 20(1), pp 227- 232. ISSN 2351-0676
  3. Ameen Saheb Sk, Deepthi T, Bhatra Charyulu N. Ch., Ajantha R. (2021): “Combinatorial construction of second order rotatable designs”, Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education, Vol.12(10), ISSN 4602-4605.
  4. Ajantha R and Bhatra Charyulu N.Ch. (2015): “Bayesian Estimation for missing values in Latin square design”, International Journal in Mathematics and Statistics Invention, Vol 3(7), pp 6-8, ISSN 2321-4759.
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Awards and Honors
  1. She received a UGC RFSMS - BSR fellowship in 2013 from Osmania University.