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Molecular Biology

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Brief Profile

His laboratory is involved in understanding the implications of gene-nutrient interaction and cell to cell cross talks in the development of obesity and associated complications like insulin resistance. It has been observed that in a diet induced obesity model of mouse the immune cells like macrophages and T cells infiltrate into the adipose tissue. His group is trying to understand the molecular mechanisms that recruit these cells into the adipose tissue as well as how these cells are activated and contribute in development of inflammation and consequently insulin resistance in the adipose tissue. His group is also studying how the metabolic stress is translated into inflammation at the endoplasmic reticulum through ER stress.
His group is also studying cell to cell cross talks involved zinc homeostasis. His group is also involved in the development of functional food and nutraceuticals. In addition, his group is studying molecular events in host-pathogen interaction and regulatory role of nutrients for such interactions.
His laboratory utilizes cutting edge technologies like real time PCR and Next Generation sequencing to study these mechanisms. His laboratory is supported by grants from DST, DBT and ICMR.

Total publications : 45 ; List of Publications (Last 10 years)
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Patents filed

1. Katoch, V.M., Ghosh, S. , Chauhan, D.S., Parashar, D., Singh, D. and Sharma, V.D. (2007) Novel primers for a PCR-RFLP assay for identification of pathogenic Mycobacteria.
2. Ghosh, S. and Hasnain S.E. (2002) A novel method for enhancing solubility of the expressed pro-teins in E. coli

Awards and Honors
  1. AMBO (Asian Molecular Biology Organization)Fellowship, 1998
  2. DBT Post Doctoral Fellowship, 2001
  3. DST Young Scientist Award, 2003
  4. BOYSCAST Fellowship, 2004