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Dr Sinha contributed to the field of analytical toxicology and his innovative contributions have been implicated in fields with wide scientific, medical and policy implications.  He developed a new tissue schizontocidal and gametcytocidal drug (6-methoxy-5,8 di-(4’-amini-1’-methyl butylamino quinoline) which is more active and less toxic than primaquine for treatment of Malaria. He established health risk assessment for fixing Maximum Residue Limit of pesticides in carbonated beverages (1ppb). This was adopted by the Joint Parliament Committee, Government of India to monitor pesticide residues in ingredients like sugar, thereby ensuring better standards and promoting exports contributing to the country’s economy. He developed a new biomarker (1-napthol) for estimation of acetyl cholinesterase enzyme and toxicants for measuring exposure to organophosphates and its effect which are crucial for the prognosis in real time to save lives of exposed victims. He reported Adefovir dipivoxil is a potent anti-viral drug for treatment of infested dengue viruses. He received prestigious Shakuntala Amirchand Award (ICMR) and international fellowships from ICMR &DHR, India and WHO. He has a patent to his credit. He worked in Toxicology Department, CDC Atlanta and was a visiting Professor at college of Medicine, Cincinnati University, USA. He honed degree in toxicology at OPCW Netherlands.

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Total number of books and book chapters : 02

1. Sukesh Narayan Sinha*, and Nag, P.K. Air pollution from solid fuels. In: Nriagu JO (Ed.) (Elsevier) encyclopedia of Environmental Health 1 (2011) 46-52.

2. Sukesh Narayan Sinha*,  and V. K. Bhatnagar, Analysis of Toxicants by Gas Chromatography in Advanced Gas Chromatography – Progress in Agricultural, Biomedical and Industrial Applications (book), chapter-7, page 134-150, publisher InTech Europe, University Campus STeP Ri Slavka Krautzeka 83/A51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Awards and Honors

1. Fellow of National Academy of Medical Sciences (FAMS) 2023.

2. Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), London,U.K 2023.

3. Shakuntala Amir Chand Prize, 2004 ,Indian Council of Medical Research

4. Indian Council of Medical Research International Fellow  2008

5. Department of Health Research International Fellow 2015

6. WHO In-Country-Fellow 2008

7. Guest Researcher- ship  by Center of Decease of Control, Atlanta, USA, in 2008-2009

8. Visiting Professor by Cincinnati University, USA in 2015-2016

9. Head of the Delegates’ at 5th session of the Codex Committee on Contaminants in Food, held at The Den Hague, Netherlands in 2011.

10. Life member National Academy of Science, Allahabad

11. Expert member of joint FAO/WHO food standards programme codex committee on contaminants in foods sixth session, Maastricht, the Netherlands, 26 – 30 march 2012

12. Dua, V.K., Sinha, S.N., Sharma, V. P., New Tissue Schizontocidal and Gametcytocidal drug in the treatment of Malaria, Patent no. 189970 in the Gazette of India, Part—III Section 2 dated 24. 5. 03.

13. Analytical skill development course from University of Helsinki, Finland in 2006

14. Certificate of Course Mastery, Safety Survival Skills Pt1 from USA (CDC, Atlanta) in 2008

15. EDITORIAL BOARD: SciMedicine Journal

16. Best Innovation award by Indian Council of medical Research (ICMR), 2022 for new innovative research work June 23. 2023

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