BVSc&AH, MVSc (Veterinary Surgery & Radiology), Ph.D. (Sweden-Medical Sciences), FELASA 'C' (Sweden), PDF (Sweden-Tissue Engineering), Fellow in NHP Medicine and Management (FL, USA), MBA (Operations and Production Management), PGD (Bio-Techno-Preneur), PGD (Public Health Nutrition)  

Scientist ‘D’ (Veterinary Sciences)
Animal Facility

Contact:  040-27197206

Brief Profile

Dr. Patil is a distinguished figure in the realm of medical research, hailed for his remarkable contributions across various disciplines. With a career spanning several groundbreaking projects, Dr. Patil has established himself as an exceptional scientist, garnering recognition for his innovative methodologies and transformative developments in medical technology.
Early in his career (2008), Dr. Patil developed a pioneering wet lab model for Endourology residents to train in renal pyeloplasty without stress. This success laid the foundation for his future endeavors. He was an integral part of multiple core teams, contributing significantly to the standardization of procedures in various medical domains, including cataract surgery in dogs, interlocking nails for dogs, and trans-carotid external iliac stenting in rabbit models.
One of Dr. Patil's remarkable achievements was in 2012 when he played a pivotal role in the creation of the world's first tissue-engineered vein and trachea scaffold. This groundbreaking technology was successfully transplanted into patients, marking a significant milestone in medical history and gaining recognition with publication in The Lancet.
He has worked in several NGOs for animal welfare in different states and same efforts in welfare of animals were seen in Lab animal science where he was instrumental in developing modified restraining chair for non-human primates, low mortality animal models in rodents and refined techniques of bone marrow collection in dogs.
His collaborative efforts extended internationally, evidenced by his involvement in developing a modified protocol for uterus transplantation in a baboon model with the Cleveland Clinic Surgical Team in 2016. Dr. Patil also contributed significantly to the establishment of India's first monkey research Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) facility at Zydus Research Center in 2018, and establishing MNVT protocol for vaccine testing (WHO requirement for exporting vaccine) in nonhuman primates showcasing his commitment to advancing research infrastructure.
Throughout his career, Dr. Patil's relentless pursuit of innovation led to several technological advancements, including the development of Autosense Tissue Engineering Bioreactors and bubble trappers (2015). He also contributed to the establishment of a wet and dry lab for laparoscopy in Mumbai Veterinary College and a biobank for transplantation-related human samples in Gothenburg University, Sweden (2009).
Dr. Patil's contributions weren't confined solely to technological advancements. His expertise and leadership were recognized through awards and grants, including the Best Teacher Award (2023), Grant from International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation, Sweden, and other research grants. He also been awarded with an O-1 visa by the US government in the extraordinary scientist category. His commendable efforts were acknowledged through numerous awards for teaching, presentations, and research excellence.
Dr. Patil's relentless commitment to scientific progress, coupled with his multidisciplinary approach and remarkable achievements, stands as a testament to his invaluable contributions to the field of medical science. His passion lies in policy development for strengthening the nation. He has a professional background in veterinary medicine, and he possess a comprehensive understanding of various fields, which enables him to work for One Health Concept.

Total publications :29
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